More (The ones we used to be)

A new version of an old poem – or maybe some lyrics. In spite of the dark words I hope for the better. Still, I like the increasing dramatic tone in it. // Eine neue Fassung eines schon etwas älteren Gedichts, beziehungsweise Songtexts. Trotz der finsteren Zeilen, bin ich noch optimistisch. Auf jeden Fall gefällt mir die sich langsam aufbauende Dramatik. 

Remember the time of our innocence
The strongest link of our glass chained bond
When words and dreams built our defense
But even though there craved beyond
This hidden wish for more
Our song was our laughter which filled our hearts
Our tales made from frozen memories
Still waiting for our lullaby
We wonder while our time fades by
If it’s gone with our dreams, burst into parts
Like a scrapyard of long lost melodies

Life left a deep carving in our minds
Sweet dreams turned to bitter realities
The ones we knew were not our kinds
False friends became these proper enemies
Pushing us once more
We played two men in a one men show
Didn’t know when the curtain came down
Still hearing a fading sound in the night
Loudly spoken whisper – like bells, so bright
Soon covered by noisy ovations to go
A breathtaking feeling, an endless frown

Anger, despair, fault, separation
Conquered the places where we would hide
Our hardly gained faith died of starvation
Trust was broken by overdone pride
And still the wish for more
Where are the ones that we used to know?
Have they gone looking for the long missing key?
And who will tell us how it ends?
A slippery shake from frozen hands?
Lost in a dark hunger world of sorrow?
Who are the ones that we used to be?

C. Holister (c) 2017

all rights reserved

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