In a world like this

A little poem about friendship I wrote ages ago. It has already been transferred into a song by a friend of mine. That and that I’m still friends with the person I wrote it for are both good signs I guess :-).  // Ein kleines Gedicht über Freundschaft, das ich schon vor Jahren geschrieben habe. Ein Freund von mir hat es mittlerweile in einen Song verwandelt. Dies und die Tatsache, noch immer mit der Person befreundet zu sein, für die ich es einst schrieb, sind vermutlich ganz gute Zeichen :-).

Skyline water yellow-blue
Touches the violet it melts into
Treelike shadows, fields and meadows
Lead silver light through concrete windows
And in the middle me and you

Bare black branches lend their shade
Brown limpid pieces of former hate
Stones, leaves, ashes, misty soil
Just a place of nature’s spoil
Waiting for our words to fade

Smoke on the horizon rises
Frightened as the sun disguises
Gentle orange firebed, bloody red
Swallowing swallows silhouettes
Escaping two balloons of different sizes

Skyline water, by-gone blue
Cover the light we walk into
Treelike shadows, long lost rainbows
Stars shine above the burning meadows
And at the edge, there’s me and you

C. Holister (c) 1996

All rights reserved

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