No real news about the passing of time and life. Still it’s a truth that becomes more and more obvious the older you get. So it’s expecially strange that a time span of twenty years lies between the first and the last lines of this poem. // Nichts wirklich Neues über das Verstreichen von Zeit und Leben. Eine Wahrheit, die leider immer offensichtlicher wird, je älter man wird. Insofern ist es schon seltsam, dass eine Zeitspanne von fast zwanzig Jahren zwischen der Fertigstellung der ersten und letzten Zeilen des Gedichts liegt.

A night, a day, an afternoon
Life passes quickly, death comes soon
Another sunrise that you see
Yoou’re older than you want to be
So many deeds you haven’t done
So many idols dead and gone
The past you wove in days you spent
In murky future it would end
In secret dreams, endless to count
You searched the stars and found the ground
The fate of chances that you take
And choice by choice that you will make
Is it just steered by means and ends?
Or does it follow bigger plans?
Search the abyss of your dark mind
That has reality defined
And soon you come to the conclusion
This life is nothing but illusion.

C. Holister (c) 1996/2016

all rights reserved

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