Little Red Box

Some more lyrics. Maybe about ambitions. Maybe about high hopes we often have and their fate. Or just mere curiosity :-). // Noch ein Songtext. Über Ambitionen vielleicht. Oder auch über die großen Erwartungen, die wir so oft hegen, und ihr Schicksal. Oder pure Neugier :-).

You think you can’t get it right
No, you can’t get it right
Still, there’s this little red box (out there)
That shines so bright

It’s the curse of uncertainty
The insurance of time
When you reach for its secrets
To calm down your mind

Little red box____
What do you hide for me?
Why do you always fall
For secrets you can’t see?

So, you fight the pain
Yes, you twist and turn
Yet, you can’t stop the fire
Watch it burn

—Like a firework burning inside —

Little red box____
What do you hide for me?
Why do we always fall
For secrets we can’t see?

C. Holister (c) 2016

all rights reserved

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