Fix it

Some more fresh lyrics that sprang to my mind between midnight and sleep. Maybe inspired by some strange dreams that I cannot remember. Or maybe by the permanent party noises coming from the bar next door… / Noch ein paar neue Songtextzeilen, die mir irgendwann zwischen Mitternacht und Tiefschlaf in den Sinn kamen. Vielleicht inspiriert von einigen seltsamen und längst vergessenen Träumen . Vielleicht auch von den  Partygeräuschen der Bar nebenan…

Tell me, did you see the people
Belonging to your world?
And did you see the colours
So bright that it might hurt?
And did the colours wander
Leaving the people pale and murk?

So let me fix this for you…
Cause I am the traitor
The mind liberator
The faithful creator
Of the ending you wait for

I can tell you
That even in a leadbox
Your mind can be free
And even with this freedom
You’ll live inside a dream
But with this dream to crumble
The box becomes a turning wheel

So let me fix this for you…
The all-time composer
Gave his goddess a dozer
A madman who rose her
So come a bit closer

And tell me
If I gave you all I got
Would you give me what I need?
And if I changed your life for you
Would you tell me how it feels?
And if the feeling hurts you though
Would you save the pain for me?

If I fixed it for you
The all-time traitor
The fate speculator
No reason to wait for
The ending you paid for

So would you end this line for me
If I told you that you are…

C. Holister (c) 2017 all rights reserved

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