Devil’s Diary (Not Demon’s) (but similar)

In fact no short story this time, however, inspired by the demon’s diary tales somehow. So speak of the devil … 

>> Hey……… you, (yes you)

Can you
Listen to my tale now

Has your
Dark eye
Ever seen an angel die?

Worlds crash
Stars fall
You can tell I’ve seen it all

The curse of my eternity

So wait and let me …
put it in my diary
put it in my diary

Heaven is not growing

Fame, love
What is it you want from me?

Got it all
Baby, can I have your soul?

Grabbed it
Spent it
Was it worth to vend it?

So wait let me …
put it in my diary
put it in my diary

White night
Red noon
Chaos taking over soon

Fire fights
Got dizzy from the city lights

Gotta leave this cursed town

Back home
Wit’s bend
Where the sordid spirits end

bye, baby, let me
oh baby, let me
Put it in my diary
Put it in my diary

C. C. Holister (c) 2017 all rights reserved

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