The day will come

Some new lyrics – whilst hoping the day won’t be coming too soon when I can’t think of new texts to write anymore or when the craziness stops … but no, guess that’s still far ahead.

The day will come when I see I was wrong
no use to say sorry
no use to deny it
putting all my regrets right down in a song

The day will come when you just go ahead
to follow your future
to follow the call
while you’re missing the one that you never met

The day will come when the one is no more
and will you still miss him/her?
still commit to him/her?
Yet in search of the reason that’s worth searching for

The day will come when we meet our fate
looking at us closely
frowning at us
weighing up every step that we ever made

The day will come when planets collide
fading reason
fading stars in the dark
specks of dust reunited flying side by side

The day will come when all time ends

C. C. Holister (c) 2018 all rights reserved

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