the end?

So, I wanted to start the new year with something special: three poems packed into one. Like a little belated Christmas present. About insight and hope and maybe love. Happy unpacking!

like all humans, I follow the myth of free WILL
‚cause is it wrong to LOOK for something close AT hand
that YOURe able to influence rather than to withstand?
the sense of despair for a SAD fate you fulfil?

we FACE outside restrictions AND inner fears
still, we share the HOPE FOR control of OUR guiding THOUGHTS
trying TO get HOLD of our mind space like cosmONauts
FOR A MOMENT that grows into hours and years

if you’re STOPPING THE retrain that CROSSES your mind
turning the world round AND down to NAUGHTS and ones
will you FORGET what you know ABOUT freedom’s funs
take YOUR COAT OFf the door leaving all hopes behind?

but the myth wARMS the heart THAT KEEPS everything up
keeps it from drifting APART from OUR minds and our souls
aren’t we LUCKY to fall for its CHARMS until it collides with our goals?
TILL THE WHOLE mind is CRAMPING leaving just a slip-up

the WORLD shrugs its shoulders ignoring your WILL
QUICKLY you BEND over backwards and FINALLY have to confess
that you saw it all COMING since faith changed inTO A mess
is insight LIBERATING us? at least the END is, still.

Still too hard to get? Watch the animation of the poem here. (Got it though – watch it anyway ;-)!)

Cathryn Holister (C) 2019

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